Ask King Herod a question


King Herod – one of the most powerful people in the country, yet worried about the birth of a baby in a small village.

What would you ask King Herod?

Leave him a question below, and he’ll reply.

  • RE Bury Church

    I don’t understand why you were so scared of a baby? from year 8 pupil

  • RE Bury Church

    Are you a murderer? from year 8 pupil

  • RE Bury Church

    What religion are you? S. In Year 8

    • TheKing_Herod

      They call me the King of the Jews, and try to observe the Jewish religious laws, so that makes me Jewish, doesn’t it?

      But I also love the culture of the Greek and Roman religions, so worship their gods too – I want to keep all the gods happy with me.